Price List

Mould Remediation and Surveys
Mould Survey

We carry out mould survey on the first visit to the property, this Survey will tell us why the mould is prenetrating through into your property and how is can be rectified and depending on the extent of mould we can send off samples for laboratory testing which is at an additional cost, this survey comes with a in-depth report which is issued via email or hard copy. 

Mould Remediation

Mould remediation is a 4 stage decontamination process which includes the use for HEPA vacuum and chemicals and negative air pressure. cost of £12.94 is per cubic meter and all materials are included in the price.

General Services
COVID-19 Decontamination

Due to the nature of the global pandemic, we have now introduced COVID-19 decontamination services. 

This service inludes homes, office buildings, schools and restaurants. Please note, price is per cubic meter.

Salts Test

We use salts tests generally for the initial inspection of the property, using nitrates and chlorides this method indicates whether the moisture entering the property is due to a building defect or is the property has moisture penetrating the materials through on going leaks etc